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Folk Music From Norway

by: Folk Music From Norway

 : Folk Music From Norway

Binding: Audio CD
EAN: 0750582885624
Item Dimensions: 21
Label: Norway Music
Manufacturer: Norway Music
Number Of Discs: 1
Publisher: Norway Music
Release Date: January 18, 1996
Studio: Norway Music

Disc 1:
  1. Crosswater Walz
  2. Four Shillings, Reinlender
  3. Marten in the Bag [Polka]
  4. Pols Dance After Peder Husom
  5. Gamle-Ysten, Waltz
  6. Midsummer Dream, Reinlender
  7. To the Works, Reinlender
  8. Polka After Sigurd BiløYgard
  9. Baastads Masurka
  10. Walz as Played by Samuels-Per
  11. The Bore's Tune, Halling
  12. The Holt Reel
  13. Floating Earth
  14. The Miller's Song
  15. Fandango
  16. The Bride from Hodal
  17. Old StorøYgarden, Springleik
  18. Happy Tune in Halling Rhythm
  19. Big-Little Per, Springar
  20. The Ola-Lake Tune
  21. Bridal March from Undredal
  22. Bluebells
  23. Heilo
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