Piotr Grella-Możejko

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Born: 15 March 1961 — Bytom — Poland
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Major works


  • Contra tempus for orchestra (1994)
  • Monumentum (Józef Koffler in memoriam) for chamber orchestra (1996)
  • Euphonia (Tomasz Sikorski in memoriam) for string orchestra (1998)
  • Five Prairie Meditations for orchestra (1999)
  • epitaphios threnos — double concerto for violin, viola and string orchestra (2003)
  • In memoriam Edward Bogusławski — concerto for organ and string orchestra (2004)
  • Notturno for violin and strings (2005)
  • Dream Daemon — concerto for saxophone and chamber orchestra (2006)


  • Melodrama II for vibraphone and alto saxophone (or flute or trumpet) (1981, rev. 1991)
  • Q for clarinet and alto saxophone with optional percussion (1982, rev. 1983)
  • hypotheosis for nine optional realisers (1982)
  • erotogramma — supplement (sonic background for any traditional piece) for 1-4 performers (1982)
  • the first february the last january for 1-4 optional melodic instruments and 1-2 keyboard instruments (1983, rev. 1989)
  • XONNOX for 1-2 pianos (1983)
  • minimum-optimum-maximum for musicians and/or voices (1983)
  • in abstracto for 1-4 optional performers (1983)
  • creatio ex nihilo for optional realisers-composers (1983)
  • coloratura for Dr. K. for solo bassoon (1983)
  • zapada zmrok (Giacinto Scelsi in memoriam) [It’s Getting Dusk] for optional melodic instruments and piano (1983-88)
  • compilage n. 1 for optional musicians (1984)
  • HYMN for soprano, trombone, vibraphone, piano & contrabass [text: Thucydides, Corcyrean revolution] (1984)
  • a‘ROMA for 1-5 optional instruments (1984)
  • music for nobody for performer(s) who know(s) nothing about instrument(s) or for professional performers and/or electronic sounds (1984)
  • GeÑalles A for solo & group (1984)
  • Erika — typewritten minimusic for optional realisers-composers (1984)
  • compilage no 1 for soprano & four instruments or for any instruments (1984)
  • face music for mime & optional musicians or for video screens & optional musicians (1984)
  • MOMENT of oblivion? Instrumental theatre piece for two performers (1984)
  • o’dY for optional players (1984)
  • GeÑalles B for group & solo (1985)
  • nAAn (never play ordinario) for optional performers (1985)
  • Action drawing for Neue Wilde performers (1985)
  • METROPOLIS for jazzman, avant-garde performer & accompaniment (1985)
  • Memories of Arnold (S.) recomposition for high & low voice(s) and/or instrument(s) (1985)
  • a’n...n’a for trumpet and organ (1985)
  • OBOEnergy (MariusAZIONI) for 1-12 oboes, English horns, oboes d’amore, bass oboes etc. (1986)
  • left hand band for left-handed performers (1986)
  • HAENNA for string sextet (1989)
  • micro/macro — concerto for twelve strings (1990, 1995)
  • Orion (Music for Franz K.) for 1-5 saxophones or 1-5 optional woodwinds (1991)
  • Horngardens (Music for Norval Morrisseau) for saxophone quartet (1992-93)
  • Kyrie for English horn, bass clarinet, bassoon, horn and cello * (1993)
  • metaSonata for alto saxophone and piano (1994)
  • Ground for flute, clarinet, vibraphone, piano, violin and cello (1994)
  • Strumienie snu [Streams of a Dream] — String Quartet No. 1 * (1995)
  • ...noc bezkresna, noc bezsenna... [...endless night, sleepless night...] for flute, clarinet, vibraphone, piano, violin and ‘cello (1995)
  • ...river to the ocean... for clarinet and string quartet (1996)
  • dreamtide for clarinet, violin and marimba (1996)
  • maze, haze, mist, daze for flute orchestra (1997)
  • Doppelgänger (...mein Holzspiel...) for woodwind ensemble (1997)
  • takussunsittuq for two pianos and two percussions (1997)
  • Euphonia (Tomasz Sikorski in memoriam) for string orchestra (or string quartet or saxophone quartet) (1997, 2001)
  • ...dans l’ombre du jardin oubli... for saxophone quartet (1998)
  • Numen for violin and piano (other versions: for flute, oboe, alto saxophone, viola, cello, double-bass) (1998)
  • ove ‘l mar non ha vanto for violin and piano (1999)
  • Kinneret (Tommie Lundberg in memoriam) for clarinet or soprano saxophone and vibraphone (1999)
  • The Secret Garden (Music for Agnieszka Holland) — String Quartet No. 2 (1999-2002)
  • ...where the night awakens... for two pianos and two percussions (2000)
  • Moon down (for Boudewijn Buckinx) for violin and piano (other versions: for flute, clarinet, alto saxophone) (2000, 2002)
  • Anya’s Dream for alto saxophone and piano (2001)
  • Voces intimae (Music for David Roxburgh) for flute, clarinet, piano and string quartet (2001)
  • Largo (Omaggio a Johann Sebastian) for violin (or flute or clarinet or soprano saxophone) and piano (or organ) (2002)
  • Organigami (Music for Aysha) for flute and piano (2004)
  • Liebeslieder für Isabelle concert pieces for wind quintet (2004)
  • Notturno for violin and piano (2005)
  • Three Nocturnal Postludes for alto saxophone and string trio (2005)
  • Four Lines (Farewell Music for Michael J. Baker) for saxophone quartet (2006)
  • TrancePaining (Black Wings Has My Angel) — String Quartet No. 3 (2007)
  • Mrok for alto saxophone and piano (2007)
  • Rondeau for optional instruments (2008)
  • ...only Midnight... for two pianos (2009)
  • Silver Wound for oboe and guitar (other versions: for flute, clarinet, soprano saxophone, violin, trumpet) (2009)


  • Melodrama I for solo violin (1981)
  • Melodrama IV for bass clarinet (1983)
  • Melodrama V for piano (1983, rev. 1989)
  • surreum graphic score for actor (1983)
  • aagyn for tenor saxophone and piano [one performer ] (1983, rev. 1987)
  • aa69/coloratura for Dennis Prime for solo basset-horn (1983, rev. 1993)
  • composizione-monoproiezione per pianoforte (1983, rev. 1995)
  • Palestriniana for organ (1984)
  • aennea for guitar (1985)
  • ravenna for harpsichord (1985, rev. 1987)
  • Ordines (Jorge Luis Borges in memoriam) — Sonata for organ solo (1988)
  • experimento n.1 for solo performer on four different string instruments (1989)
  • coloratura for Charles/disco(n)notation for baritone saxophone & electronics (1992)
  • Sacrae symphoniae (Christopher Lewis in memoriam) for organ (1992-2000)
  • Due pezzi for organ (1994-95)
  • horyzont zapomnienia [The Horizon of Forgetfulness] — Piano Sonata No. 1 (1995)
  • Time is a River without Banks (coloratura after Marc Chagall) for alto saxophone solo (1996)
  • mare tenebrarum (Bolesław Szabelski in memoriam) — Piano Sonata No. 2 (1996-2000)
  • Chiaroscuro for bass/contra-bass clarinet and tape (1998)
  • muziek voor van Zoelen (coloratura) for bass saxophone solo and electronics (1999)
  • ChaconnEncore for alto saxophone solo (1999)
  • Walzer (Joseph Matthias Hauer in memoriam) for solo piano (2000)
  • Lachrymae (in memory of September 11, 2001) for organ solo (2001)
  • Cinq études sur la tonalité for piano (2004)
  • Palomar 1a: after Calvino (coloratura) for (bass) clarinet (2004)
  • Three Nocturnal Postludes for organ (2004-2005)
  • Nach(t)gejagd — Piano Sonata No. 3 (2005)
  • ...a Portmanteau of Shaddowes and Chimeras... (coloratura after Peter Ackroyd) for flute solo (2005)
  • Les Espaces du temps - Piano Sonata No. 4 (2008)


  • Motet for six vocal soloists (1988)
  • Finale for chamber choir (1995)
  • Ave verum corpus for mixed choir (2001)
  • Grit Grey Sky for mixed choir (SATB (2005)


  • WOW! (Is My Cat a Rock’n’Roller?) for electronic sounds (1990)
  • Epitaph for Jerzy for electronic sounds (1991)
  • The Dreams of Odysseus for electronic sounds (1991-1992)

Soundtracks (selected)

  • Black Angels (dir. Cynthia Wells) (1996)

Piotr Grella-Możejko has lived in Canada since 1989. His pieces have been performed at major festivals in Canada, the USA, and Europe. Active in numerous areas of art, he has written dozens of articles on music and the fine arts, published in scholarly periodicals and popular magazines. In 1991, he founded the Edmonton New Music Festival and in 1994 established the Edmonton Composers’ Concert Society quarterly, The Albertan Composer. He currently resides in Edmonton, Alberta. His works are available through Conners Publications, Grace Under Press, and the Canadian Music Center.


Piotr Grella-Możejko, composer, literary scholar, essayist, reviewer, translator; also professional graphic artist and pianist. Born on 15 March 1961 in Bytom, Poland. Living in Canada since 1989, Grella-Możejko holds a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta (supervisor: Jonathan Hart; teachers included Edward Blodgett, Uri Margolin, Edward Możejko, Paul Robberecht, and the late Milan Dimic); an M.Mus. in Composition degree from the same university, where he studied with Alfred Fisher, Henry Klumpenhouwer and the late Christopher Lewis; and an M.A. degree in Political Sciences from the University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland (supervisor: Prof. Anna Mielczarek-Bober). He also took private composition courses with the late Prof. Edward Boguslawski and Prof. Boguslaw Schaeffer. In 1994, Grella-Mozejko was the only Canadian selected to participate in the prestigious “June in Buffalo” Festival and Conference, where he attended lectures by and master classes with Milton Babbitt, Donald Erb, David Felder, Lukas Foss, Roger Reynolds, and Charles Wuorinen.

Described by the German press as demonstrating “uncompromising honesty” (Neue Zeitschrift für Musik), praised for his unorthodox aesthetics (Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung), and whose work is called “brawny, high-contrast… full of rich counterpoint and compelling textural changes” (The New York Times), “strikingly individual” (The Toronto Star), and “wonderful-sounding” (The Buffalo News, Buffalo, USA) Grella-Mozejko has written on commissions from, among others, The Alberta Foundation for the Arts, The Canada Council for the Arts, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Canadian Polish Congress, Edmonton Arts Council/Clifford E. Lee Fund, Ensemble MW2, International Conversatorium of Organ Music, Polish Ministry of Culture and Art, as well as Polish Radio, Canadian Music Centre, and The Flanders Festival.

In 1997, he won the Alberta Motion Picture Industries Association (AMPIA) Award in Musical Score/Composer category (Black Angels by Cynthia Wells). Other prizes and awards include the All-Polish Composers’ Competition in Lódz, Poland (1985, aennea for guitar solo); the All-Polish Composers’ Competition in Kraków, Poland (1988, Motet for six vocal soloists), and The Pierre Boulez Canadian Composers Competition in Halifax, Nova Scotia (1991, Horror vacui — triptych for strings named by Pierre Boulez in third place). Grella-Możejko is also recipient of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Doctoral Fellowship (2000-2002) as well as the University of Alberta Beryl Barns Award, Walter H Johns Fellowship, Andrew Stewart Memorial Graduate Prize, Marie Louise Imrie Graduate Award and, in 2004, a professional development grant awarded by The Canada Council for the Arts.

Presented in twenty-two countries in centres such as Antwerp, Athens, Basel, Berlin, Bilbao, Dublin, Geneva, Kassel, Kaunas, Kraków, London, Los Angeles, Lausanne, Mexico City, Montréal, New York, Ottawa, Paris, Prague, Princeton, St. Petersburg, Seoul, Toronto, Turin, Ulaanbaatar, Utrecht, Vancouver, Vienna, Warsaw and Zürich, in recent years, Grella-Mozejko’s music has been commissioned, played and recorded by symphony and chamber orchestras in Canada and abroad (including orchestras in Edmonton, Halifax, Kraków, Kyiv, Regina, Scarborough, Wroclaw and Polish Radio Orchestra, Warsaw) as well as by such outstanding performers as the Bozzini, Penderecki and Szymanowski String Quartets, ARA Ensemble, Duo Dilemme, Duo Levent, Duo Majoya, Edmonton Saxophone Quartet, Ensemble MW2, The Hammerhead Consort, Hermes Ensemble, Mexico City Woodwind Quintet, Motion Ensemble, St. Crispin’s Chamber Ensemble; flautists Chenoa Anderson, Karin Aurell, Iwona Glinka, Isabelle Schnöller; clarinettists Jean-Guy Boisvert and Harry Sparnaay; saxophonists Laurent Estoppey, Charles Stolte, William H Street, Andreas van Zoelen; violinist Elena Denisova, organists Marnie Giesbrecht, Carson P. Cooman, Stillman Matheson, Stanislaw Moryto; pianists Barbara Pritchard, Sylvia Shadick-Taylor, Kathleen Supové, Roger Admiral, Piotr Grodecki, Alexei Kornienko, Joachim Segger, and Daan Vandewalle, to mention just a few.

His works have appeared in Canada and Europe on Acte Préalable, Arktos, ATMA Classique, Centrediscs, CLEF Records, CML, Eclectra, New Music North, Prairie Sounds and edition zeitklang labels; have been broadcast and published in Canada, Europe and USA; and performed at numerous festivals and concert series across North America, Europe and Asia. A voting member of the Canadian Music Centre, General Manager of the Edmonton Composers’ Concert Society, Grella-Możejko is also producer of the New Music Alberta concert series, and current editor of The Alberta New Music & Arts Review (which he founded in 1997). As a CD producer, he has a dozen releases to his credit, featuring works by almost seventy Canadian and international composers.

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