Robert Greenberg

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Born: 18 April 1954 — Brooklyn, New York — USA
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On one of his CDs, Robert Greenberg remarks that he were Italian, his name would be Monteverdi. Is this remark a mere divertimento, or is it a riddle that really means "Who is Robert Greenberg?” I go for the latter and here's my answer. Robert Greenberg is the Darwin of musicology. If I could travel in time, I would not go back to the Enlightenment; I would go into the future, anxious to hear how the new composers have discovered more of the infinitely rich genome of music.

[by “Anonymous” on 2010-10-07 11:35:48]
Do a Program on Brahms

He should make a course on the Brahms Symphonies. He's great on what he's done so far.

[by “Anonymous” on 2010-06-28 11:15:15]
Greenberg is Inspiring

I've listened to Greenberg's lectures so many times I can recite them. They inspired me to resume piano lessons and take music courses at the local commun- ity college. I'll finish Music Theory IV and play Chopin's Rainbow Prelude and a Brahms Intermezzo for the faculty this fall semester. I owe it all to Greenberg's courses which inspried me.

[by “Anonymous” on 2009-10-31 15:14:24]
More kudos

I cannot believe my good fortune to have discovered Dr. Greenberg. I picked up Fundamentals of Music from the Great Courses--it was on sale. What an absolute treat! The Doc's down on the street with us common folk, but, wow! Does he know his stuff! I've learned more about music in two weeks than in my 54 yrs.!

[by “Anonymous” on 2009-08-03 01:35:22]

Dr Greenberg is amazing. He exposes a lot of and in-depth information, interesting to the average classical music fan. He relates to historical and social events, which gives sense and humor to his statements. He expresses himself in a gorgeous way, never boring. I add my voice to a previous fan who asks for a course on beehoven quartets.

[by “Anonymous” on 2009-06-06 05:15:19]
Dr.Greenberg is the best

Dr. Greenberg has finally made it possible for those that cannot attend schools to get some of the best lectures if not the best ever. His antics and frills are hilariously refreshing. The lecture on Mozart's chamber music has a character that reaches the audience from an old town medicine man selling music spirits that excitingly morphs into daffy duck.. And on the serious note he's the best Educator in music that I've ever listened to. I'd like to thank this great man of music. You've got my attention. Thank you.

[by “Anonymous” on 2009-05-05 02:27:00]
when will he record more?

I too thoroughly enjoy his teaching company courses and have listened to them all - I'm currently reworking my way through Beethoven's Symphonies. I'm hoping he will publish a course on Beethoven's string quartets. It's been a while since he published a new course. I miss him!

[by “Anonymous” on 2009-02-05 15:40:22]
where is his music?

His lectures are great (although I still can't get over how much he sounds like Mel Brooks), and all the blurbs say he's gotten awards and grants for 40-odd compositions, but where are these compositions and can we ever hear them?

[by “Anonymous” on 2009-02-02 20:17:46]
David Haupt

I have listened to almost all of Greenberg's lectures, and have found them to be very entertaining and informative.
My favorite (I have listened to it three times now) is the one on Haydn.) Close seconds are the ones on Bach and the High Baroque, Brahms and Shastokovitch.
Dr. Geenberg does get a bit histrionic at times and makes me almost convulse, like I just swallowed a chocolate sundae too fast, but nevertheless, I enjoy his lectures.

[by “Anonymous” on 2009-01-24 08:23:18]
Aaron Morris

Dr. Greenberg is a superb teacher. I have recently finished his Teaching Company series on the life of Mozart and am currently listening to the series on Beethoven. He has greatly enhanced my musical knowledge and my appreciation for the works of the masters. I highly recommend these lectures to anyone who is interested both in music and the people who create it.

[by “Anonymous” on 2008-09-17 10:41:15]


Robert Greenberg has composed over forty works for a wide variety of instrumental and vocal ensembles. Performances of his works have taken place in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, England, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and The Netherlands. His Music is recorded by the Innova label.


Greenberg holds degrees from Princeton University and the University of California at Berkeley. He received a Ph.D. in music composition in 1984. He is on the faculty of the San Fransisco Conservatory of Music, where he is chair of the department of music history and literature. He currently lives with his wife Diana in Orinda, California.

Through the Great Courses offerred by the Teaching Company, Greenberg’s videotaped courses on classical music are available to the general public. He is one of America’s great teachers.

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