Bebe Barron (Charlotte May Wind)

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Born: 16 June 1925 — Minneapolis — USA
Died: 20 April 2008 — Los Angeles — USA
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Together with her husband Louis Barron Bebe Barron, born as Charlotte May Wind was a pioneer in electronic Music. Together they wrote the first electronic music for magnetic tape, and also the first completely electronic film score (for the MGM movie “Forbidden Planet” (1956)).

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Dying days:
(1801) Franz Joseph Haydn: Premiere of Die Jahreszeiten (The Seasons), in Vienna, Austria.
(1866) Max Bruch: Premiere of Bruch's violin concerto no. 1 in g minor op. 26, in Koblenz, Germany, with Joachim playing violin and Bruch conducting.
(1866) Joseph Joachim: Premiere of Bruch's violin concerto no. 1 in g minor op. 26, in Koblenz, Germany, with Joachim playing violin and Bruch conducting.
(1911) Alban Berg: Premiere of piano sonata op. 1 and string quartet op. 3, in Vienna, Austria.
(1953) Karl Amadeus Hartmann: Premiere of Symphony no. 6, in Munich, Germany.

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Ohm: Early Gurus of Electronic Music

from: Ellipsis Arts

Classical Music : Ohm: Early Gurus of Electronic Music
variant image

Binding: Audio CD
EAN: 0052296367022
Format: Box set
Item Dimensions: 100500550
Label: Ellipsis Arts
Manufacturer: Ellipsis Arts
Number Of Discs: 3
Publisher: Ellipsis Arts
Release Date: April 25, 2000
Studio: Ellipsis Arts

Disc 1:
  1. Valse Sentimentale - Clara Rockmore
  2. Oraison - Ens D'Ondes De Montreal
  3. Etude Aux Chemins De Fer - Pierre Schaeffer
  4. Williams Mix - John Cage
  5. Klangstudie II - Herbert Eimert/Robert Beyer
  6. Low Speed - Otto Luening
  7. Dripsody - Hugh Le Caine
  8. Forbidden Planet: Main Title - Louis Barron/Bebe Barron
  9. Elektronische Tanzste: Concertando Rubato - Oskar Sala
  10. Poem Electronique - Edgard Varese
  11. Sine Music (A Swarm Of Butterflies Encountered Over The Ocean) - Richard Maxfield
  12. Apocalypse-Part 2 - Tod Dockstader
  13. Kontakte - James Tenney/William Winant
  14. Wireless Fant - Vladimir Ussachevsky
  15. Philomel - Milton Babbitt
  16. Spacecraft - MEV
Disc 2:
  1. Cindy Electronium - Raymond Scott
  2. Pendulum Music - Sonic Youth
  3. Bye Bye Butterfly - Pauline Oliveros
  4. Projection Esemplastic For White Noise - Joji Yuasa
  5. Silver Apples Of The Moon, Part 1 - Morton Subotnick
  6. Rainforest Version 1 - David Tudor
  7. Poppy Nogood - Terry Riley
  8. Boat-Woman-Song - Holger Czukay
  9. Music Promenade - Luc Ferrari
  10. Vibrations Composees: Rosace 3 - Francois Bayle
  11. Mutations - Jean-Claude Risset
  12. Hibiki-Hana-Ma - Iannis Xenakis
  13. Map Of 49's Dream The Two Systems Of Eleven Sets Of Galactic Intervals: Drift Study '31/69 c.... - La Monte Young
Disc 3:
  1. He Destroyed Her Image - Charles Dodge
  2. Six Fants On A Poem By Thomas Campion: Her Song - Paul Lansky
  3. Appalachian Grove - Laurie Spiegel
  4. En Phase/Hors Phase - Bernard Parmegiani
  5. On The Other Ocean - David Behrman
  6. Stria - John Chowning
  7. Living Sound, Patent Pending Music For Sound-Joined Rooms Series - Maryanne Amacher
  8. Automatic Writing - Robert Ashley
  9. Canti Illuminati - Alvin Curran
  10. Music On A Long Thin Wire - Alvin Lucier
  11. Melange - Klaus Schulze
  12. Before And After Charm (La Notte) - Jon Hassell
  13. Unfamiliar Wind (Leeks Hills) - Brian Eno
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Editorial Review:
Opening with Clara Rockmore's reworking of Tchaikovsky with the theremin, and finishing with one of Brian Eno's ambient soundscapes, OHM artfully succeeds in its goal of giving a representative (as opposed to the impossible, comprehensive) overview of the first several decades of electronic music. Over 3 discs, 42 compositions, and 96 pages of notes and photos, OHM clearly illustrates the producers' and contributing writers' point that early electronic music is much of the foundation of contemporary music. Herein lies the connective tissue bridging musique concrète, 20th-century classical, electronic experimentation, and the theoretical avant-garde to psychedelia, ambient, dub, techno, electro, and synthpop and the globalization of sound. The groundbreaking uses of loops, sampling, drones, remixes, and cut-and-paste technology are put fully into context. The diversity of music included makes any sort of summation impossible, but that is also the point: electronic music is not really a genre, but an open field of endless possibility. From John Cage's famous "William's Mix" of tape snippets to Karkheinz Stockhausen's electronic orchestral compositions, from David Tudor and Holger Czukay's experiments in unrelated blendings of audio elements to David Behrman's supremely peaceful duet between computers and musicians, the aural renegades on OHM tread where none (save a few of their contemporaries) had gone before. The liner notes convey the incredible amount of hard work and experimentation it took to stitch together many of these pieces in the predigital era. Putting aside the inevitable quibbles about what's missing (much of it due to legal and/or logistical issues), a more complete collection of musical eggheads, eccentrics, and visionaries is hard to imagine. --Carl Hanni

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